“We absolutely loved using Wedflik as our videography for the wedding. We got some really unique and fun footage from our friends and family that meant more to us than having someone we didn’t know shoot our wedding. Yes having a professional videographer we probably wouldn’t have gotten upside down and sideways shots from family members trying to figure out how to hold the cameras, but thats kind of part of the fun. On top of that it was really special to see our friends take on the responsibility of capturing all these wonderful moments during out wedding, it kind of became a mission for them. The experience alone and the memories and moments your friends and family capture are priceless with these video cameras. I would highly recommend wedflik for a bride and groom who are looking for a more personal touch to their videography and also looking to stay within a lower budget, as we were. The customer service was fantastic. I lost the mailing box along with the shipping sticker and I sent them an email and they promptly responded and emailed me a new one to print out, no hassle. When our wedding date was approaching I was worried about if the cameras would arrive on time, but I had absolutely nothing to worry about the arrived when they said they would and everything was in the box and ready to go. Great service and great product.”


“WedFlik is awesome if you are a DIY-bride like me. I have experience in photo and video editing so I got the most basic package where they just compile the footage and send it to you in an email to download. With WedFlik you aren’t going to get a Grammy winning wedding video, but if you like that home movie feel then this is a great option for the budget savvy. Our guests had an awesome time with them and were able to capture all the big moments. Another benefit to WedFlik is that it is more intimate than what a professional videographer would capture. I can’t speak to the company’s editing services since I didn’t use them, but the package with the cameras arrived on time, all the cameras worked great, there were no issues sending it back, and I got my footage back within a few weeks.”


“WedFlik is great and so easy! All you have to do is turn the cameras on and lay them out at your wedding. The return shipping label is even included. WedFlik also graciously gave us our cameras a few days early because we were married around the holidays and they didn’t want us to have to deal with holiday shopping issues. We received our video footage link just a few weeks later. I would absolutely use WedFlik again!”


“Wedflik is AWESOME if you are on a budget and want some video. Our guests had a lot of fun with the cameras too! Honestly I have only watched 10 minutes of the 4 hours I got back, and I am already sure this was so well-worth the $300 I spent instead of $2000 on a videographer!! I was going to skip video altogether because it is so expensive, and then figured why not give it a go on the least expensive option here… I am SO GLAD I used wedflik and actually have my wedding captured on video (regardless of if its not HD or perfectly still). And, I can still go back and pay more to have them put together an actual proper video, rather than just getting the raw footage as I did…. which I am considering.”


“WedFlik is an amazing deal! They send you 5 handheld cameras. Pass them out to your guests and have your DJ announce that they are free to pass them around, take video, and then return them at the end of the night. WedFlik even provides you with the return shipping label to send the cameras back to them! The video that we got from these 5 cameras is no where near the amount of footage you could ever get from a single videographer. And it’s the candid footage between your guests that the videographer doesn’t get! Highly recommend!”