Step 1

Get the Cameras!

Choose your WedFlik package, and we’ll mail you five of our high-quality, pocket sized HD video cameras – compact and easy to use!

Step 2

Capture Moments!

Hand the cameras to your closest friends and family and encourage them to have fun filming while passing cameras around to others to use.

Step 3

Return Cameras!

Collect the cameras from your friends and family and send them back to us in the box provided. We pay the shipping postage both ways!

Step 4

Get Your Video!

You’ll get a digital download of all of the footage. If you choose a premium package, you’ll get a professionally edited wedding video!



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Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“WedFlik is great and so easy! All you have to do is turn the cameras on and lay them out at your wedding. The return shipping label is even included. WedFlik also graciously gave us our cameras a few days early because we were married around the holidays and they didn’t want us to have to deal with holiday shopping issues. We received our video footage link just a few weeks later. I would absolutely use WedFlik again!”

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“Wedflik is AWESOME if you are on a budget and want some video. Our guests had a lot of fun with the cameras too! Honestly I have only watched 10 minutes of the 4 hours I got back, and I am already sure this was so well-worth the $300 I spent instead of $2000 on a videographer!! I was going to skip video altogether because it is so expensive, and then figured why not give it a go on the least expensive option here… I am SO GLAD I used wedflik and actually have my wedding captured on video (regardless of if its not HD or perfectly still). And, I can still go back and pay more to have them put together an actual proper video, rather than just getting the raw footage as I did…. which I am considering.”


Hurry, Offer Ends Soon


Savings up to $120!

Use Promo Code: FB15OFF